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Vitebsk State Medical University was founded in November 1934. The foundation of Medical Faculty was finished by 1941. It included 32 theoretical and clinical departments. The Great Patriotic War broke the work of the Institute for several years. Many teachers and students participated in the defense of the country. The city and the Institute were almost in ruins. The rebuilding of the Institute started in 1946.



Years passed. Medical Institute was expanding; its clinical base was improving. The number of highly qualified specialists, professors and scientific workers was growing.

The number of foreign students was increasing and in 1997 the Faculty of Overseas Students Training was opened. For the large merits in training physicians for public health of Asia, Africa, Near East and Latin America, the Vitebsk State Medical University was awarded with the Medal of Peoples Friendship by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In the beginning of 1999, according to the Republic of Belarus Ministry of Education Vitebsk State Medical University was accredited to a University status.


At present there are 7 Faculties, 53 Departments, Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Scientific Medical Informational Department, Educational and Methodical Informational Center and Library


The Medical and Pharmaceutical faculties are training practitioners and pharmaceutists on specialty “Medicine” and “Pharmacy”. The top graduates are studying at clinical residency. At the moment more than 3500 students are studying at the University.

There are 374 lecturers of whom 57 are Professors and 120 are Associate Professors. The scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences has 55 lectures and 210 are Candidates of Sciences. There are 13 scientific academic schools at the University both on medical-biological, clinical and pharmaceutical disciplines which have introduced a substantial contribution to the development of a modern medical sciences and to the improvement of medical education in the Republic of Belarus and the countries of the former USSR.

There are 3 special Scientific Boards of the doctors and candidates’ thesis defense on different specialties (parasitology, helminthology, drugs technology and pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy, internal surgery and gastroenterology). Nowadays the University scientists perform researches on 40 perspective medical projects. There are 45 scientific study groups of students. This society of young scientists is one of the famous in Belarus and the nearest countries. The magazines “Surgery News” and “Pharmacy News”, “Immunology” are published by the University.

The University develops different contacts in the realm of medical education, physicians training, scientific research, methodical and informational exchange with many institutions of Russian Federation and other countries. Republic centers “Infection in Surgery”, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Lipid Center, Central Scientific Research Laboratory of the University are well known abroad. The University is the organizer of the international academic meetings, which stimulate active participation of all the scientists and lectures of the University in the activity of professional international societies and associations. Some of the well-known lecturers and scientists have been elected to the foreign Scientific Academies.

All departments have computer tests, plaster casts and phantoms, modern medical-diagnostic equipment. There are 5 computer classes and 19 video classes at the University. The physician’s practical skills are teaching for students in twenty well-equipped therapeutic and surgical clinics. The University has a big field, which is used for pharmacy specialists training.

The most departments are publishing lectures, recommendations, monographs, scientific works and conference materials. There is a Central Scientific Research Laboratory with modern equipment for training highly qualified specialists at the University. The Medical Scientific Informational Department has the patent fund, data base “Medicine” (Russia), “Medline” (USA), “International Pharmacy Reports” (USA). All the departments of the University use the medical professional information resources of the Internet. The publishing facilities of the University provide with all the necessary educational and scientific materials. Some clinical and theoretical departments have scientific laboratories.

A number of different youth organizations, sport clubs and art groups work at the Medical University. There are 5 comfortable hostels for students of Vitebsk State Medical University.



At present there are 7 Faculties, 58 Departments, Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Scientific Medical Informational Department, Educational and Methodical Informational Center and Library. All departments have computer tests, plaster casts and phantoms, modern medical-diagnostic equipment. There are 5 computer classes and 19 video classes at the University. The physicians’ practical skills are teaching for students in twenty well-equipped therapeutic and surgical clinics. The University has a big field, which is used for pharmacy specialists training.

  • Dental Faculty
  • Medical Faculty
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Faculty of Overseas Students Training
  • Faculty of the High Medical School Pedagogy
  • Faculty of the Professional Orientation and Training of Entrants
  • Faculty of the Post graduate Education in Medicine and Pharmacology


International department

Principal directions of work of the department:

  • Formation of programs of international cooperation
    • involvement of teaching staff in international cooperation
  • Assurance of cooperation of the departments of the university in the sphere of international cooperation
    • export of educational services
  • Organization of traineeship of VSMU students abroad
    • Organization of admission for foreign students coming to the university by intergovernmental and interuniversity contracts and agreements
    • Organization of admission company for foreign students to the Faculty of    overseas Students Training
    • maintenance of consultations and translations for departments and staff of the university
  • Organization of work of teaching staff from abroad
    • maintenance of representative and informational activity
    • realization of Politics and aims in the sphere of quality within the limits and competence of the department
    • effective application of documents of management system of quality.








The Library is one of the leading structural divisions of the University, its informational and cultural center. The Library provides informational supply of educational process, research work, managing and marketing activities.

The Library procures and organizes its collection including books, periodicals, thesis and abstracts in general medicine and pharmacy, natural sciences, it also provides access to e-resources. The medical recourses collection of VSMU library is the largest one in Vitebsk region.

The library is available not only for students, trainees, lecturers, administrative staff of the University, professors and researchers, but also for the doctors and pharmacists of Vitebsk region.




Club of International Friendship operates as a structural unit of Overseas Students Training Faculty of VSMU, it is headed by Dean of OSTF. The Club is located at the international hostel of VSMU number 1 at the address Pobedy Avenue 5/1. Direct regulation of the work of Club of International Friendship is provided by Deputy Dean of OSTF on social and international work.


Functions and Responsibilities of Club of International Friendship:

  1. Providing conditions for the development and maintenance of international friendship between foreign and Byelorussian students of VSMU;
  2. Maintenance of close cooperation between Byelorussian representatives of the Trade Union Committee of VSMU students, Belarusian Republican Youth Union, VSMU students club and VSMU students sports club with foreign students when participating in joint events;
  3. Organization of social, psychological, communicative adaptation both of arriving new-comers and studying foreign students;
  4. provision and coordination of informational work with foreign students on educational, cultural, sports and health and other aspects of VSMU students’ life, this work must be done by Chairman and Deputies Chairmen of Counsels of fraternities of different countries;
  5. Organization of joint leisure activities for foreign and Belorussian students at the extracurricular time and during holidays;
  6. Organizing of meetings, conversations, contests, different discussions of foreign and Byelorussian students on cultural, interethnic and international problems;
  7. Provision of a place for foreign and Belorussian students’ planning of social events (charity events and concerts, visits to Vitebsk and Vitebsk region orphanages, etc.);
  8. Organization of international holidays, Days of fraternities, exhibitions of fraternities, cultural activities related to meetings of ambassadors of foreign countries with the involvement of foreign and Belorussian students.


Cultural life of the University is multinational in character. Each year students have several sport programs at their disposal: cricket tournament, chess competition,  football championship and other sport events. The immerse  number of cultural festivals and celebrations, which  take  place all-the-year-round, demonstrate international cultural diversity. The annual festival “Student Autumn”,  National Cuisine Feasts, Faculty Days, National Student Union Holidays with a wide range of cultural activities present a perfect chance for foreign students to display their skills and abilities.

The variety of Belarusian country sides and landscapes offer many interesting excursion traveling tours around the country to all tastes. Students may enjoy this kind of activities all year round.

The University maintains strong relations with parents. For parent’s convenience and peace of mind the administration staff communicated with parents whatever possible, by phone, fax and e-mail to keep them abreast of their children’s progress.




Believing that Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world the Vitebsk State Medical University – Model United Nations has provided the students the opportunity to attend quality international college/university level programs that bring together the next generation of international leaders. The VSMU-UN Body is a nonprofit organization which implements strategies of the UN and also is powered by the direct support by the European and North American UN associated bodies.

The VSMU-UN advances understanding of the United Nations and contemporary international issues. We positively affect the lives of participants and prepare them to be better global citizens through quality educational experiences that emphasize collaboration and cooperative resolution of conflict. We envision a world comprised of civically engaged people who strive for peaceful, multi-lateral conflict resolution and equitable, sustainable human development.

Although becoming a Doctor is one of the best ways we can serve the humanity, unfortunately learning medicine and becoming a doctor is seen as a profession which has not got much weight in the hands of international affairs and laws. The primary objective of the VSMU-UN is to build bridges between international affairs and medical studies since we believe in the depth of medical law. The Vitebsk State Medical University MUN community sets a common ground to the delegates from all around the world to use their diplomatic skills and bring up new resolutions to the modern issues in the world. We also enhance the ability and provide the delegates the chance to attend internationally recognized MUN conferences, medical associated conferences, seminars, cultural and social activities all around the world.  We support and do train the well-wishers who wants to join our community to look at the world in a different eye. Through these experiences – during preparation, in committee sessions, and even in hallway caucuses – students develop an appreciation of differing viewpoints, experience the challenges of negotiation, see the rewards of cooperation, broaden their world view, increase their intellectual abilities and discover the human side of international relations and diplomacy.

On our way to our primary goals we do recruit volunteers who could serve as organizing committee members, chair persons for conferences and also Delegates who would love to experience the world in a new way.
If interested do not hesitate to contact the VSMU-UN.





The Clinic of Vitebsk State Medical University provides a wide range of paid medical services. All prices are obtained approval from Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. Professors and associate professors of VSMU receive patients in pediatrics, gynecology, cardiology, oncology, neurology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, internal medicine, allergology and immunology, traumatology and orthopedics, urology, hematology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, endocrinology. Any patient can attend a professor or associate professor by previous appointment by telephone. By the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus Postoyalko L.A. in March 2003 Vitebsk branch of the Scientific Research Clinical Institute of Radiation Medicine and Endocrinology Clinic was reorganized and Clinic of VSMU was created. It was composed of the following departments: consultative polyclinic, functional diagnostics, therapeutic, physical therapy and clinical diagnostic laboratory. In September 2003 the Republican lipid treatment and diagnostic center of metabolic therapy was attached to the Clinic. Clinic of VSMU today is a modern medical diagnostic center that meets the standards of the highest level.


Nepalese students from VGMU                                                                                                       Criket team with the former rector






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