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A little-known country in Europe, Belarus is known for its architecture and vast forests. These days Belarus is becoming a known destination for foreign students. There are several reasons for that, for example, medical science, and medicine, in general, are very progressive. Indian students that are looking for a country to study in and get a better education in medicine can definitely take a closer look at getting a degree in Belarus.




Benefits of getting MBBS in Belarus

The students from all over the world start to consider getting a medical degree in Belarus more and more. Of course, in every country the curriculum is different, but Belarusian curriculum due to the Soviet education system now considered as one of the best. There are various professional development institutes in the country. But what makes education in Belarus outstanding is how the universities preserve traditions and culture.


Why should you study the MBBS course in Belarus right now?

Belarusian government is continuously working on increasing the number of foreign students admitted to Belarusian universities with a guarantee of the best quality education at low and affordable prices. Here are the main reasons why you should consider getting an MBBS in Belarus:

  • Language – English is spoken by a lot of people.
  • Belarus is a safe place for Indian students.
  • MBBS degree Belarus provides an internationally recognized degree at an affordable price.
  • Availability of hospitals on campus for better practical knowledge.
  • Getting Belarus MBBS does not require donations.
  • Regulations of the government of Belarus on granting scholarships to students from abroad.


MBBS degree from Belarus medical universities is one of the most economical options compared to other European countries. Most universities in Belarus have modern infrastructure and advanced technologies.


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