The Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) is one of the leading technical universities of Belarus and the CIS. On December 10, 1920 Minsk Polytechnic School was transformed into a higher technical educational establishment Belarusian State Polytechnic Institute. This institution trained engineers for the main industries of the state. Belarusian State Polytechnic encompassed 5 faculties:
  • Mechanical Faculty,
  • Civil Engineering Faculty,
  • Cultural and Professional Faculty,
  • Chemical and Technological Faculty,
  • Electrical Engineering Faculty.

Teaching staff included 50 lecturers, 305 full-time students and 119 students of preparatory department studied at the Institute during the first academic year.

In the early 1940s BPI became one of the leading technical institutes of the Soviet Union. 32 departments of four faculties trained engineers in seven specialities. The number of lecturers reached 180, including 19 professors and 71 senior lecturers. In 1933-1941 About 2000 engineers graduated from BPI.

The Great Patriotic war interrupted BPI activities. The Institute resumed its work in 1945 welcoming 375 students. In 1949 BPI encompassed 37 departments training 1500 students. The number of lecturers exceeded 60 by then.

1991 – on April 17 Belarusian Polytechnic Institute was reorganized into Belorussian State Polytechnic Academy (BSPA).

2002 – on April 1 BSPA was reorganized into Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) by the Presidential Decree.

2005 – on November 25 the CIS Heads of Government Council granted the Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) the status of the basic organization for higher engineering education of the CIS member states.

In the last 5 years the BNTU has introduced 12 new specialties demanded by the country’s economy, such as nuclear energy, computer mechatronics, and geodesy.

The BNTU successfully cooperates with 114 foreign technical universities from 34 countries in the fields of science and training. Over 1500 international students are currently being trained at the BNTU.

The University trains specialists for national economy in various fields of study with 89 specialties at 119 departments.

Foreign specialists training is a very important component of the complex activity carried out by the Belarusian National Technical University in the sphere of international cooperation.

Starting from 1960, the BNTU has trained students from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. About 6500 of the BNTU foreign graduates from more than 120 countries have worthwhile jobs in their home countries. Some of them have become ministers, directors of industrial enterprises, heads of research and education establishments or chief city architects.

Nowadays, 1500 foreign students from 48 countries study at 16 BNTU faculties on contractual and budgetary basis, as well as in the framework of intergovernmental and interuniversity agreements. In 2014-2015, within the framework of intergovernmental agreements BNTU prepared 106 specialists for Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant (Turkmenistan).

To increase the foreign students’ enrollment, the BNTU has signed numerous cooperation agreements in the sphere of international education with the People’s Republic of China, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and many other countries. Our University has also signed the cooperation agreements on Master’s and PhD training with the double academic advising in the field of alternative and non-conventional energy sources.




The BNTU has a well-developed health infrastructure comprising 3 health unit, where highly-qualified health care professionals are always on alert to provide first aid or ease an ailment.




The BNTU administration emphasizes the importance of sports in student life, as it fosters leadership, loyalty, responsibility, and social and emotional growth. Besides, sports instill appreciation for healthy life style and physical fitness that are among top national priorities of the Republic of Belarus.

15 000 students of the Belarussian National Technical University are regularly and actively involved in various sports activities. The Sports Department trains athletes in 29 kinds of sports: taekwondo, athletics, karate, chess, sport aerobics, swimming, freestyle wrestling, sambo, judo, table tennis, boxing, orienteering, muay thai, cycling, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, football, futsal, powerlifting, archery, arm wrestling, weightlifting, biathlon, cross-country skiing, and rowing.

The Department actively cooperates with sports federations, clubs, organizations, institutions, and national teams in various sports training reserve teams.

The University teams include 495 highly skilled athletes; among them 11 World Class Masters of Sports, 110 Masters of Sport, and 168 Candidates for Master of Sports. More than 200 athletes have a rank. 47 students of the Department are members of Olympic Teams of the Republic of Belarus.



Specialties for which you can get an education:

Training process for international students is supported by the International Cooperation Department.

Duration of study at the BNTU is 5 years that includes learning a specialty (engineering qualification). After getting qualification a student can continue his/her education at Master courses with duration of 1 year.

Training at the University is carried out on terms of contract basis.


The admission of foreign citizens to the Preparatory Course, Courses of Russian languages, Msc. Course, Ph.D  Course is carried out during the whole year.



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