Belarus is a hub of engineering universities and colleges


There are many engineering universities in Belarus and in every city there is technical university and college. These engineering universities in Belarus are government owned with high quality of technical education. These universities teach engineering programs in 2020 in such fields like:

civil engineering;

mining engineering;

chemical engineering;

computer engineering;

petroleum engineering;

biomedical engineering;

aeronautical engineering;

architecture engineering;

electronics engineering, etc.


International students come to join different engineering programs at various universities and colleges according to their desired field of study. Mostly international students join the computer science and information technology program but many come for other engineering programs too. Belarus produces every year world’s best engineers and it is because of a very high standard of technical education in Belarus. Admissions rules are almost the same for international students with free merit but mathematics is compulsory for engineering applicants.


Every technical university has own hostel where foreign and national students stay during their degree program



Belarusian engineering universities are the best option for you at affordable fee so apply today for admission and right now our professional admission staff at our office will reply you!




  • Importance of engineering education is not hidden even very clear to all world factors. The world can not improve projects in different fields without the help of engineering graduates;
  • Any living projects or any industry can not survive without engineers;
  • If you have chosen the engineering field of study for your career than keep sure that you are going to have a very bright career anywhere in the worl;
  • There are many areas of engineering degree courses such as computer engineering, information technology, civil engineering, architectural engineering, biomedical engineering, aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, mining engineering, electronics engineering, sound engineering, aerospace engineering, oil and gas engineering and many more;
  • Engineers are highly respected in the world because all know their importance and they are not less important than doctors that is why anybody in the life wants to be engineer or doctor;
  • Engineers earns very high salaries everywhere in the world and they may work in government or private sector;
  • They have opportunity to do their own engineering businesses to provide services for different projects in the world or at home country.



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