• Counseling

  • University Selection

  • Scholarship Options

  • Documentation

  • Admission Letter

  • Bank Loan Assistance

  • HRD attestation

  • Eligibility certificate application

  • University Admission

  • Visa Profiling

  • Visa Application

  • Pre-departure briefing at head office

  • Airport Pick-up from Minsk, Belarus

  • Free 10 min. call with parents , from Minsk airport after Custom clearance

  • Travel arrangements from Minsk airport to respective University hostels

  • Hostel room allotments

  • Free meals to students for initial days

  • Introducstional tours of the university campus, city

  • Taking Care of Students throughout the course.

  • NEET- PG, USMLE, AMC, PLAB exams guidance from 4th year (paid basis)

  • Biannual progress report to parents from head office via SMS, Email or India-post.

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