Why do you think it is the right time to offer degrees in English in Belarus?

We are living in a rapidly changing world where over 80% of all communication is in English. Major Internet platforms and portals, research and innovations, textbooks and study materials are mainly in English as well. Moreover, education has always been the forerunner of changes in society and science and thus it seems logical that the fundamentals of business, economics and investments should also be taught in English. Our students will have to operate in a multinational challenging world where English is very likely to become their main language of communication. Direct access to foreign resources, textbooks and classes with foreign professors will become a reality in the program we offer for both foreign and Belarusian students. This will also lead to more diversity and multiculturalism in the classroom, will facilitate the development of tolerance and ability to establish friendly ties with people from different countries, religions and cultures.

What are the advantages of studying in Belarus?

  • First of all, the Business Administration degree offered by the School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU provides business education that meets international standards;
  • The language of instruction is English;
  • We offer an interactive and experience-based learning process;
  • The teaching experience that we have acquired over the years is based not only on the degrees received by our faculty in Belarus but also on their international experience including degrees, internships and training in European and American universities;
  • The study process focuses on the development of interpersonal and team work skills as well as decision-making, leadership and negotiation skills;
  • We use modern information technologies, provide comfortable study conditions and offer opportunities to have internships in the most successful Belarusian and foreign companies;
  • Studying in English will provide even more opportunities for students to further master their command of the English language. Students will have access to foreign textbooks and other materials in English. They will have classes taught by visiting professors from the countries of the European Union and the United States.

Our diploma will allow students to work as managers, economists, marketers and business analysts in Belarus and abroad. For those who wants to continue their studies we have also an English MBA program that allows to deepen the knowledge of business processes and improve management skills.  

Another great advantage is the country itself. Located in the center of Europe, Belarus serves as a gate and a link between Russia and the European Union. Bordering on Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, Belarus maintains hospitable friendly relations with all its neighbors and does business not only with them but with many other countries in the world.
Belarus’s uniqueness lies in the exceptional hospitability of its people, their welcoming and generous nature and kind soul. Feeling safe and protected is another important feature if one decides to study and live in Belarus. Lack of violence, racial, ethnic and religious tolerance also count as another advantage of a cozy country in the heart of Europe!

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